A selection of the objects the users sent to the future. November 2021.

The majority of the objects on this list can be found inside the artwork Behind the Canvas

A vocabulary of Greek. There is no future without a past


A dog


A camera


I would take a painting into the future


I would take a photo album into the future


A bottle of blue ecoline watercolor with a brush


I want to take a 33rpm!


The Marmolada glacier is retreating by 6 meters a year and I want to preserve this marvel of nature in the future


Mobile phone


A wheat spike


 A vinyl, the quality of the music that will disappear


Eternity! I concretize the concept with the abernation.


Planet earth and everything starts again!




I would bring my favorite plant


I would carry an olive tree both as a fruit tree and as a symbol of peace


A picture


A jug with the scent of the forest


Plants that absorb CO2


Seeds of all plants


Sea waves


A pen


A key


I’d wear my red clown nose that I use to volunteer at a children’s hospital


Seeds and roots, to cultivate the future without forgetting the past




I would bring a pencil, to write and keep inventing, to keep changing ❤️ btw you are crazy


I would carry a soccer ball, it represents passion, happiness and disappointment, necessary elements for life, disappointment with passion can reach the pinnacle of happiness.


A tape recorder with the voices of my loved ones ❤️


A blank canvas meaning that someone worked so they can be free to create what they want


I reconfirm my Trolley, the weight facilitated by the wheels as a symbol of solidarity and closeness in difficult times!


In the future I would bring hugs that warm the heart and life, the object I would associate is a scarf 🧣


A Christmas donut 😁. Love, sharing, effort, taste and popular wisdom that passes from generation to generation 😁


A backpack with a pair of shoes inside to keep walking, learning and discovering


Bringing our shadow into the future


A harmonica


A house


A wing in order to be able to see things from distance


The coral reefs since they are in danger of extinction


In the future I would bring ingenuity and shyness, for this reason an object that represents it for me are sunglasses


A bottle of water


The breast, the milk that is life


The vinyl of “Radici” by Guccini … why the title of the record already says it! ❤️


A book to travel with just the mind ❤️


A radio, because we can’t live without music 😍😍


I’d bring a blanket to remember the warmth of hugs


A pen, we are not going to have it in the future with the digitalization 


Deliciosa monstera leaf because it reminds me of the past


Kindness represented by a cup




The music of the past




The sea




A hug, then a vine that grows together with a tree




White sheets and pencil


High school textbook “history of Italian literature” which represents reflection and hours in pleasant company during the study


Metallica’s master of puppets vinyl


Reception translated into a nice table to sit around




A martini glass to remind me of sad moments


Magnifying glass


A smile


Iris flower




An olive tree


Chocolate bar


The little Prince


Paper and pen




My favorite object would be a photo album that portrays all my “original” family and my family today, because leafing through the pages of an album yellowed by time in 20 years, would bring back memories with all their sensations as if time had never passed.❤️


A device that contains as many books as possible .. without books there is no enrichment .. personal, cultural .. and then “knowledge makes you free” right? 😍


I would bring the freedom represented by a key 🗝 which gives you the ability to open all the locks the doors the chains that life puts in front of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Obviously the phone (with active connection), to stay connected with the world even in the metaverse.


The inevitable camera because the mere thought of not being able to capture certain moments and the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, I think, would send me out of my mind and not a little. So yes, I choose my beloved Canon 📸


I would carry an olive tree; it is like taking with you the origins of each of us, of our country, of my family, with an eye to the future.


I’d bring the vinyl I listen to the most 🤍


A meadow full of flowers


In this era it seems obvious but I would take the phone with me in order to always be in contact with the people I love, I would bring COMMUNICATION 😊


A beautiful tablecloth to set a beautiful table for everyone. Who wants to sit down… welcome, openness, hospitality !! We will need it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️. Now and in the future


A thermal bottle (so that you no longer buy water in plastic bottles) 😅


I would bring the sense of friendship translated into a knot as it should really be INDISSOLUBLE ❤️


I would bring my favorite pair of glasses (green) to get a better look. (Since I’m blinded) 😅


I would carry a notebook, so that I could write down my every emotion. ❤️


A kindle full of books!


A photograph with my dog. ❤️


The propensity to change (as the subject of the book Onda by Suzy Lee)


An external disk that contains all the photographs of my loved ones and the trips I have made!


Clean air represented with a sphere


I’d bring my favorite book 🥰


A pencil


My camera, with the photos I love the most .. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🥰


A pen. To communicate (write or draw) with “free hand”.


But also a large table


I would bring paper and brushes / pencils

A device that saved my life: a Chemo teletransporter


Plants and trees, is all we need to protect


I would take a lawn with me, even if there will be a lot of green in the future💚


I would bring a mirror. To remind me who I am and tell me to my face that I love myself like this. ❤️


I would bring the ability to dream, because without dreams the soul withers and hope dies. And then, as a symbol, a fairy wand with a star at the tip ⭐️ … because there is always a future to dream and realize.



A soft toy. There are many reasons and meanings behind it, from the importance of keeping the pure and childish side of each of us, to the memory of something that reassures us, to my personal link to the thought of my son and at the same time of my parents who performed heroic deeds. when I was in danger of losing my favorite bear 🐻 and there would be many other nuances


a Mont Blanc pen


The battery of the neurostimulator and the crutch, without which I don’t walk. 🤗


I would bring the Harry Potter audiobook read by Francesco Pannofino


A flint


The book of Paolo Stella


A frame with the photo of my mother and father for their 50th year of marriage because they just passed away


A plant, actually many plants and less cement




A photo of my grandmother who left us a few months ago and I miss her like air


I would wear my daughter’s first dress when she was born




A leaf


A book


A shell


My books


A clock




Cup of coffee because it represents a good morning, the beginning of a new day, a good morning to life to the people they know that I will meet the love of coffee is relaxation and energy.


Christmas tree


A crutch


A dinner table




A heart full of blue




A notebook and a pen to write about the world to come


Wool and needles




A hug


Memory game




Letter my mom left me 12 years ago



A water bottle