CHIMERA: Pioneering the Archaeology of AI

CHIMERA is a pioneering project that began in 2018, exploring the intersection of art and AI. Through machine learning, the artist connected photos of monkeys and humans to create a novel hybrid form.

To achieve this, the artist trained a machine-learning model with an equal number of photos of monkeys and humans. The resulting AI software generated a neural network that aimed to combine the two entities into a novel hybrid form.

Through this artwork, the artist challenges the artificial intelligence system, highlighting the creative possibilities of the technology beyond its intended purpose.

The inspiration for the Human-Monkey artwork came from a research paper pubblished 2021 on Cell magazine, which documented the creation of an embryo with both human and monkey DNA. This paper has sparked significant debate in the scientific community regarding the ethical implications of such procedures.

The artist created Chimeras also blending together thousands of images of trees with images of residential buildings.