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Giuseppe Lo Schiavo by Mattia Gargioni

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, also known as GLOS, is an Italian-born visual artist and researcher currently based between Milan and London. Lo Schiavo’s artistic journey is characterized by a dynamic blend of technology, science with echoes of ancient art and culture across various mediums.

After collaborating with the MUSE Museum of Science of Trento on a pioneering project about synthetic biology alongside the international research program ACDC, in 2022, Lo Schiavo introduced the concept of ‘synthetic photography’ – a revolutionary approach to image creation. This innovative technique involves computer-based methods as opposed to traditional camera-based processes.

Lo Schiavo engages with themes such as evolutionary biology, transhumanism, and ecocentrism.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo’s contributions extend beyond the conventional, evidenced by being the first artist in residence at UCL’s Microbiology lab in 2020 and winning the 2021 European BioArt Challenge by the museum MUSE. Recognized as a prototype of the modern-day artist by Domus in 2023, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo aims to introduce a transformative and innovative approach to art, exploring synthetic realities and new emerging aesthetics.with echoes of ancient art and culture.”

general enquires:    glos@giuseppeloschiavo.com
press:    press@giuseppeloschiavo.com

Awards selection:

BioArt Challenge by the Science Museum MUSE 2021
Life Framer Photography Prize – 1st place winner – Open Competition
First place winner in 2 categories – Tokyo International Foto Awards – TIFA 2016
Jury Award – Bonatto Minella Prize
Motion Photography Prize – Saatchi Gallery and Google
Portrait Salon 2013
Jury Award – European Photography 2013 – 2Photo contest
Young at Art Award 2012 – MACA Museum



Collections selection:

Voorlinden Museum, Netherlands

National Gallery of Cosenza, Italy

Museum of Science of Trento, Italy

Fondazione Bulgari

Palazzo Monti, Italy

Perna Foundation, Italy

Tema Bank art collection

Current and Upcoming:

May 2024: PhotoLondon with SpazioNuovo Gallery – London, UK

Exhibition Selection:

April 2024: Dicotomica – Museo Scienze Naturali di Torino – Turin, Italy
Curator: Simone Sensi

March 2024: Art Dubai – Digital Section – Dubai

Nov 2023 – East Meets West: Bulgari at CIIE – Shanghai, China
Curator: Serena Tabacchi

Oct 2023 – The Imaginary Museum – Galerie Bertrand Grimon – Paris
Curator: Mehdi Dakhli

Sept 2023 – Solo Show – Unseen Amsterdam – Amsterdam
Curator: Paulo Perez Mouriz

May 2023 – Crafting Magnificience for Bulgari – Palazzo Van Axel – Venice, Italy
Curator: Serena Tabacchi

March 2023 – A New Possibility – CAFA Museum – Beijin, China
Curator: Prof. Wang Chunchen

Jan 2023 – White Paper and Metaverse – Boxes Art Museum– Foshan City, China
Curator: Gu Zhenqing

Jan 2023 – ACDC – Palazzo delle Albere, MUSE Museum of Science, Trento, Italy
Curator: Lucilla Galatà

Nov 2022 – NotAboutMoney – Video installation – Shenzhen’s SeaWorld Culture&Arts Center – Shenzhen, China
Curator: Raideinist

Nov 2022 – Solo Show – Fragile –Spazio Nuovo Gallery – Rome, Italy
Curator: Paulo Perez, Guillame Maitre

Oct 2022 – More than a city – Nanchang Urban Planning Exhibition Center – Nanchang, China
Curator: Xinchen Du

Oct 2022 – Infinity Festival – Hollywood, USA
Curator: Lisa Jordan

July 2022 – Urban Jungle for Luxottica – Video Installation – Times Square, NYC
Curator: Museum of Digital Art, Serena Tabacchi

May 2022 – Life, The Universe and Everything – Elle Decor Metaverse
Curator: Maria Chiara Valacchi

April 2022 – Singularity – Decentralart Pavilion – Venice – Italy
Curator: Florencia S.M. Brück

March 2022 – Funzione Arte – Luzzetti Museum – Grosseto – Italy
Curator: Alessandro Corina

Jan 2022 – Without colour– Ingo Seufert Gallery – Munich – Germany
Curator: Ingo Seufert

Dec 2021 – This is not a curated exhibition II – Ramo Gallery – Como – Italy
Curator: Simon J. V. David

Nov 2021 – Crypto Art Now – La Permanente Museum, Milan – Italy
Curators: Serena Tabacchi, Alessandro Brunello, Alan Tonetti

Nov 2021 – Art+Tech at Infinity Festival – Goya Studios, Hollywood – CA
Curator: Lisa Jordan

Oct 2021 – Do Disrupt – Zilver – London – UK
Curator: Mehdi Dakhli

Aug 2021 – Disembedding – How Art Museum – Shanghai – China
Curator: Gu Zhenqing

Oct 2020 Transatlantico – Mana Contemporary – Jersey City, NJ
Curator: Edoardo Monti

May 2020 Summer Exhibition – Galleria Spazio Nuovo – Rome, IT
Curator: Paulo Mouriz, Guillaume Matre

Jan 2020 Sezione Video Arte – Museo del presente – Cosenza, IT
Curator: Roberto Sottile

September 2019 Artist in residence at the Microbiology lab of UCL University in London

July 2019 No Captcha Thanks – OffShoot Gallery
London, UK
Curator: Alexander Stavrou

March 2019 Mia Photo Fair – Galleria Spazio Nuovo – Milan, Italy
Curator: Galleria Spazio Nuovo

January 2019 Green Mold – Mixer Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
Curator: Bengu Gun

September 2018 Genesis – MARCA Museum – Catanzaro, Italy
Curator: Roberto Sottile
March 2018 Levitation – Abay Opera House – Almaty, Kazakhstan
Curator: Dina Baitassova
Jan 2018 – LA Art Show – Bert Green Gallery – Los Angeles Convention Center – Los Angeles
Curator: Phil Tarley
June 2017 – Lacda Top 40 – Los Angeles Center for Digital Art – LACDA – Los Angeles
Curator: Rex Bruce
June 2017 – THESAURUS – Galleria Ellebi – Cosenza
Curator: Martina Cavallarin
May 2017 – Life Framer Exhibition – RPS Gallery – Tokyo
Curator: Ralph Wilson
April 2017 – Life Framer Exhibition – ClampArt Gallery – New York
Curator: Ralph Wilson
Oct 2016 – Orasi – Group show – Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center – BURSA
Curator: Serhat Cacekli
Oct 2016 – Wind Sculptures- Solo Show – Burning Giraffe Gallery – TURIN
Curator: Roberto Sottile
Oct 2016 – Fluid Memories – Urban Art Installation – BOLOGNA –
Curator: Roberto Sottile
June 2016 – Wind Sculptures- Solo Show – Ingo Seufert Gallery – MUNICH
Curator: Ingo Seufert
January 2016 – Retrospettiva, Deconstructing Photography – Solo Show – VioLife Academy and Ingo Seufert Gallery – LUXEMBOURG
Curator: Ingo Seufert
October 2015 – Anime diverse – Ellebi Art Gallery – COSENZA (Italy)
Curator: Roberto Sottile
June 2015 – Il Blu nell’arte, da Yves Klein a Jan Fabre – Museo Arte Contemporanea Acri – COSENZA (Italy)
Curator: Francesco Poli
May 2015 – Do you like flowers? – Burning Giraffe Gallery – TURIN
Curator: Andrea Rodi
December 2014 – Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Beyond Reality Beyond Photography – Solo Show – Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography – MUNICH
Curator: Ingo Seufert
November 2014 – Contemporary Istanbul – Istanbul
Curator: Mixer Gallery
September 2014 – Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Beyond Reality Beyond Photography – Solo Show – Burning Giraffe Gallery – TURIN
Curator: Andrea Rodi
May 2014 – Motion Photography Prize – Saatchi Gallery – LONDON
Curator: Rebecca Wilson
March 2014 – Impossible Structure – Kare Art Gallery – ISTANBUL
Curator: Rasit Mutlu
January 2014 – Dilemma – MixerArt Gallery – ISTANBUL
Curator: Mehmet Kahraman
January 2014 – Portrait Salon – Fuse Art Space – BRADFORD, UK
Curator: Sarah Faraday
November 2013 – Portrait Salon 2013 – LONDON: Four Corners, LEEDS: White Cloth Gallery, EDINBURGH: Stills Gal