Henosis for Lenovo

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo   for

Henosis is a 63 second video animation commissioned by Lenovo, a global technology company. It was created by Lo Schiavo using only the Yoga Slim 7i Pro X laptop, one of the three products of the new Yoga Slim line with Intel Evo.

Science and technological advances are shaping our experience on this planet and play an unprecedented role in our civilization. We are evolving alongside technology, and the process is mutual.

The work is conceived as a metaphysical journey between the past and present consisting of 3 main scenes, a tribute to some of the technological, scientific and computational advances of the last decade.

From genetic mapping to artificial intelligence to the reconstruction of the image of a black hole, technology defines the present and reshapes the future.



The objects selected by the artist represent the following concepts:

Black holes (represented by the photo / disk of the first historical image of a black hole made by NASA)
CRISPR the revolutionary gene editing technology represented by the two DNA helix structures
AI represented by a drawing created by the artist with the help of an AI system entitled: if Leonardo Da Vinci had designed a notebook for Lenovo
Climate change dedication, the new environmental awareness that distinguishes our generation (represented by the solar panel)
Exoplanets one of the greatest discoveries in our solar system. With emerging technologies, scientists expect to find an abundance of Earth-like planets in our universe. (represented by a geosphere with the mapping of an Exoplanet)
Synthetic Biology, a new frontier of science that is revolutionizing medicine and the fundamentals of biology (represented by a video shot by the artist at the University of Trento, which depicts one of the very first artificial cell experiments in the world on the display of the Lenovo laptop) .