Behind The Canvas with Bombay

Behind The Canvas


The artwork, is one of the largest resolution NFT to date. 20000×25000 px

Over the years Bombay Sapphire has proven to be one of the top global brands for supporting artistic experiences all over the world collaborating with well-known artists and creators such as Tracey Emin, Thomas Heatherwick, Tom Dixon and many more.


For this year’s project the artist Giuseppe Lo Schiavo was appointed to lead a unique collaborative experience: create the first ever participatory digital artwork during an Instagram live.


The IG Live hosted by creative director Paolo Stella took place on the 17th of November 2021 inside an atelier designed for the occasion by the duo Design by Gemini. 

Backstage live event 17/11/2021


More than 4000 users participated in the live event and helped the artist Lo Schiavo shape the artwork. Starting from a plane the viewers and the guests had the opportunity to co-create the architecture of a virtual room, choosing the walls, the ceiling and the objects inside. 


After the construction of the room, all the users and several external contributors were asked to transform the space into a time capsule and to comment with an object they wanted to send to the future.

More than 200 objects were selected for an artwork that immediately became a sociological experiment.




From the responses of the users via comments during the live, 3 big groups of choices emerged:

The first was characterised by an ecological sentiment including picks such as glaciers, plants, trees, species in danger of extinction, while the second one focused on nostalgic elements and analog items such as pens, pencils, vinyls, analog cameras, notebooks and many more, all objects that are being replaced by the digitalization and virtualization of our life. The third big group decided to send to the future personal objects adding to the artwork an intimate story.



Project page:

Extract from the 45 minutes live event

“The artwork is an important testament for the future that will become even more valuable with time. In 30-40 years we will be able to look back at the objects selected on this artwork in a world that will be different from the one we live in today.” Roberto Sottile, Art Critic.

The final artwork is released as NFT and is available in an edition of 20 on :