Earphones are recommended

 Orgasmica 2022 , Short movie 120 sec 30 fps (3600 frames) 4k


The journey of life.

“If we are here today, it’s because we hacked the system. “

Orgasmica is a short movie animation conceived as an allegory of the biological journey of life starting from an orgasm.


A theatrical mise-en-scene where the single sperm cells – represented as robots in Orgasmica – progress through the uterus space to reach the egg plasma membrane. Sperm passage is a challenging act. The female reproductive trait is built up with great defence mechanisms, such as its acidic conditions or the vaginal microbiome (good bacteria).  The sperm cell that is able to surpass all the obstacles and reach the egg, is the one that is able to hack the system.

The video finishes with a scene from an artificial cell experiment made by the artist at the Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology Lab (CIBIO) in Italy and it’s the first video released from an upcoming series made in collaboration with the Museum of Science MUSE in Trento, Italy.


The music during the second part of the video (the ‘race’) is a “keygen” track, a music genre that is the result of the software cracking subculture, utilizing this music style as a signature of the hacker groups responsible for software cracking.

Music: Stage 1 by the artist Sawsquarenoise






3D scan of the statue of Eros from the Vatican museum collection.

Eros, in Greek mythology, was the God of love and sex.




The first artificial cell experiment video released by the artist taken at the Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology lab CIBIO as part of a collaboration between the artist and the European project ACDC on synthetic biology.

Orgasmica presented at Luzzetti musem exhibited together with Baroque masters