Robotica NFT

The CGI video ROBOTICA is a 58 seconds digital animation artwork inspired by contemporary experimental theatre and combining elements from ancient greek culture, robotics with a photorealistic visual aesthetic.

Despite robotic figures, the video is all about projecting humanity through technology and is inspired by artists such as Dimitris Papaioannou, Pina Bausch, and Bill Viola. 

The performance is divided into three main scenes. They all manifest a particular feature of human socialization.

  • The first dancing act is inspired by the idea of humans as a unique collective organism, a group of synergistically interacting organisms of the same species all working for the collective benefit. This view attains liberation from self and individualism.
  • The second act is about domestication and the epigenetic principle that the environment also shapes part of our DNA. I like to believe that our personal choices and the information we absorb are stored in our epigenome and passed into future generations. So each choice has an impact on our society. 
  • For the final act, the artist staged a procession, a celebrative way to express belongingness and community inspired by the ancient greek ceremonial Panathenaic festival rituals where people were marching on the streets of the ancient cities with their offerings. In this scene, the robots carry an original Cryptopunk sculpture created by the artist and made of 576-pixel boxes. 

The 58 seconds video took more than two months of production using an external computational power of more than 200 computers in the cloud to produce more than 2000 frames in 4k resolution.

The work is unique in 1/1 edition, unique archival print on Hahnemuhle photo rag 100% cotton paper signed by the artist and the 4k resolution video.

The video includes a classical violin musical piece produced by Eddie Honcha and the Colonel Bogey March, the first music played by a computer in history by CSIRAC, produced by Orchestralis. 

Robotica is part of Dystopian Visions a
Curated NFT collection and exhibition curated by Serena Tabacchi (MoCDA)

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